Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, Cork
Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, Cork
Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, Cork
Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, Cork
Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, Cork
Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, Cork
Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, Cork

Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, Cork

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Sold as a pair, hand-built in Portland, OR, USA.

Our carbon fiber Telescopic Trekking Poles offer stability for trekking through all four seasons in a robust lightweight design. With sustainability in mind from the locally-sourced carbon poles to the fully recyclable packaging, these are hand-built in our Portland, OR facility with all replaceable parts.

Ergonomic cork grips paired with padded adjustable wrist straps make for an all day comfortable hold. They feature our own newly engineered quick-lock system that holds firm. The pair includes snow and mud baskets, as well as rubber tips for city trekking.

The Diorite Poles are designed and built to be the last poles you will ever need to buy, from a small business working to create local manufacturing jobs. 

These poles were formally sold by another Minimal Gear brand Cnoc Outdoors. All parts are compatible with the Cnoc poles.

The ultimate trekking poles for long travel, heavy loads or harsh conditions.


  • Friction Quick Lock (FQL): get a solid lock without damaging the carbon fiber tubes, the FQL uses an internal TPE grip to create a secure and easy to use lock.
  • EZ Tip: replace a worn carbide tip and housing anywhere, at any point, without tools. An easy screw tips allows for any standard tip to be attached to the Diorite Poles.
  • 4 Season, 100% Carbon Fiber Tubes: highly durable, low vibration and stiff tubes gives an all season comfort in any conditions.
  • Extra long handle from natural compressed cork for quick grip adjustment as you move.
  • Over molded grips for a smooth hold of the handles anywhere
  • Adjustable Left and Right nylon straps with microfiber lining for ultimate comfort.
  • Infinite usable length from 71cm to 158 cm


  • Usable Length: 71cm/28inch - 158cm/62inch
  • Packed Length: 71cm/28inch
  • Weight per pole: 277g/9.8 oz
  • Segments: 3
  • Shaft diameters: 18,16,14mm
  • Shaft Material: 100% carbon fiber, made in USA
  • Grip: Compressed cork, Made in China
  • Strap: Polyester and microfiber, Made in China
  • Locking system: Friction Quick Lock, Made in USA
  • Tip: EZ Tip and carbide tip in plastic housing, Made in China
  • Accessories: Rubber tips, Mud baskets, Snow baskets

Made in Portland, OR, USA, from domestic and imported components, learn more about how we make them in this blog post.


Where are your poles made?

Our poles are handmade in our Portland, Oregon workshop by our Fabrication Manager, Brett. 

Where do you source your carbon fiber from?

Our carbon fiber is sourced from Goodwinds Composites in Washington, right down the highway from our workshop.

What is the difference between the cork and the EVA grips?

Grip material is a personal preference! The pro’s for cork are a better grip feel (according to most folks), its sweat absorbing qualities, and its sustainability as a material. The pros for EVA are that it is significantly lighter, performs better in the cold, and your grips are less likely to get chewed on by critters. 

Why are the cork grips so much heavier than the EVA?

We use solid cork in our grips, as opposed to cork sheets or a plastic grip with a layer of cork on top. We also use highly compressed cork, to emphasize comfort and durability. These reasons account for why the grips are heavier than the EVA or some other cork poles, but we think it’s worth the better user experience and reduced environmental impact.

Can I adjust or remove the straps?
Our straps are adjustable and removable, for folks that like a more streamlined grip.

What is the EZ tip?

Our EZ tips are the self threading housing that your carbide tip and plastic housing screw onto. Its self threading abilities allow you to easily replace your pole tips as they wear out. You can replace your tips with those from most other bands (as long as they have the same diameter) thanks to the EZ tip.

What makes our poles different from other brands?

We take pride in manufacturing our poles in the United States and we value the right to repair. We offer every single part of the pole for sale, so you’ll always be able to find the replacement part you need. Our poles are also taller than most on the market at 158cm/61in, so folks with taller tent setups won't need a jack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
1st Time Using Trekking Poles

My brother has a pair of the CNOC poles and said, "this is the one piece of gear I haven't replaced". I needed a trekking pole that could extend to 57" to serve as a tent pole for an ultra light tent. This was the only one I could find that met that need. They are VERY light but feel solid. I've never used trekking poles before but since I now have kinda crappy knees I thought this was worth trying on my trip to the 4 Pass Loop.
After learning the basics of how to use them as an effective assist during hiking, and then using them on the 4 Loop Pass and later on Mt. Elbert I'm a new fan of trekking poles, and these were great. I'm 6'2" and these give me all the range I need for uphill downhill hiking, slopes, talus, as well as the length needed to serve as a tent pole for a Zpacks altaplex.
Cork handles are IMO the best material, and the overall fit and finish is excellent. A word of advice, make sure you have the extension clasps pretty snug and check them periodically as I had the bottom extension get pulled out when it sank into several inches of mud.
These are premium poles at a premium price, but they are as advertised. In a word, quality.

Grace Winds
Nice poles

I received these as a bday gift. Used 1 pole 1 time. It was sturdy and lightweight. Next time I will use both as it left my back sore using only 1 pole. They are nice trekking poles.

Jerry Boutte
Good so far

This seem like well built trekking poles the only thing I see that might need improvement are the caps protecting the points.

David Roland
Incredibly well made poles / Cork

As a thru hiker, I typically rate tough, meaning a 5 has to be the best I've experienced and these poles fit that description. I've owned many pairs of high end poles and these easily top the list. As a hardware (industrial) designer I deeply appreciate the modularity and quality of the components. They all work so well together and I love that I can fix any element of the poles easily. When they say "last poles you'll every buy", you get the strong sense they're not exaggerating. My wife coveted them so much, I just had to order another pair.

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