About Us

Who We Are:

Diorite Gear is an outdoor equipment company that manufactures carbon fiber products including trekking poles, tent poles, and tent stakes. We design and make all our products in our Portland, OR facility.

 Diorite values conservation and leave no trace ethics in our design - our goal is that anything customers buy from us will be the last version of that product they ever need to buy. All our products are designed with the right to repair in mind - our customers should be able to keep our products working for as long as they want. Diorite works to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing process to create products consumers can feel good about taking on their next adventure.

You can head over to the website of Minimal Gear, the company behind Diorite Gear, to learn more about the team that packs your orders, responds to your inquiries, and builds our products.

Our values:

Minimalist Design - We always strive for design perfection, not just making what sells. Our gear makes perfect sense to the experienced hiker but might have a bit of a learning curve at the beginning. Once you get your hands on what we make, it will feel like the most natural connection. Like you and nature.

Right to Repair: Even the best outdoor gear breaks and we firmly believe that sustainable and durable outdoor gear needs to be repairable. We offer in house repairs of issues we can fix, regardless of whether the product is still covered by warranty. We design all our products to be as repairable as possible and each part is replaceable, meaning there’s no need to buy a whole new pole to replace a single broken section.

Leave No Trace throughout - From less “disposable” design, to robust materials, to limited packaging that is recycled and recyclable, we want to make sure our impact on our environment is minimal. The majority of our staff either bike to work or work from home; we encourage our team members to know all the Leave No Trace principles and make sure it is part of how we exist in our daily lives.

Agile Manufacturing - We work with small producers, in small batches, and with simply functional materials. This allows us to constantly tweak and update our designs, materials and decisions which leads to better results. We listen to our suppliers and partners to learn from their experiences, which translates to better gear that we all get to enjoy and improve.

Diorite Gear is a brand under the Minimal Gear umbrella. Learn more about Minimal Gear and our other brands here