Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, EVA Foam
Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, EVA Foam
Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, EVA Foam
Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, EVA Foam
Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, EVA Foam
Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, EVA Foam
Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, EVA Foam

Diorite Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, EVA Foam

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Sold as a pair, hand-built in Portland, OR, USA.

Our carbon fiber Telescopic Trekking Poles offer stability for trekking through all four seasons in a robust lightweight design. With sustainability in mind from the locally-sourced carbon poles to the fully recyclable packaging, these are hand-built in our Portland, OR facility with all replaceable parts.

Ergonomic EVA foam grips paired with padded adjustable wrist straps make for an all day comfortable hold. They feature our own newly engineered quick-lock system that holds firm. The pair includes snow and mud baskets, as well as rubber tips for city trekking.

The Diorite Poles are designed and built to be the last poles you will ever need to buy, from a small business working to create local manufacturing jobs. 

These poles were formally sold by another Minimal Gear brand Cnoc Outdoors. All parts are compatible with the Cnoc poles.

The ultimate trekking poles for long travel, heavy loads or harsh conditions.


  • Friction Quick Lock (FQL): get a solid lock without damaging the carbon fiber tubes, the FQL uses an internal TPE grip to create a secure and easy to use lock.
  • EZ Tip: replace a worn carbide tip and housing anywhere, at any point, without tools. An easy screw tips allows for any standard tip to be attached to the Diorite Poles.
  • 4 Season, 100% Carbon Fiber Tubes: highly durable, low vibration and stiff tubes gives an all season comfort in any conditions.
  • Extra long handle from soft EVA for quick grip adjustment as you move.
  • Over molded grips for a smooth hold of the handles anywhere
  • Adjustable Left and Right nylon straps with microfiber lining for ultimate comfort.
  • Infinite usable length from 71cm to 158 cm


  • Usable Length: 71cm/28inch - 158cm/62inch
  • Packed Length: 71cm/28inch
  • Weight per pole: 210g/7.4 oz
  • Segments: 3
  • Shaft diameters: 18,16,14mm
  • Shaft Material: 100% carbon fiber, made in USA
  • Grip: Wood color EVA, Made in China
  • Strap: Polyester and microfiber, Made in China
  • Locking system: Friction Quick Lock, Made in USA
  • Tip: EZ Tip and carbide tip in plastic housing, Made in China
  • Accessories: Rubber tips, Mud baskets, Snow baskets

Made in Portland, OR, USA, from domestic and imported components, learn more about how we make them in this blog post.


Where are your poles made?

Our poles are handmade in our Portland, Oregon workshop by our Fabrication Manager, Brett. 

Where do you source your carbon fiber from?

Our carbon fiber is sourced from Goodwinds Composites in Washington, right down the highway from our workshop.

What is the difference between the cork and the EVA grips?

Grip material is a personal preference! The pro’s for cork are a better grip feel (according to most folks), its sweat absorbing qualities, and its sustainability as a material. The pros for EVA are that it is significantly lighter, performs better in the cold, and your grips are less likely to get chewed on by critters. 

Why are the cork grips so much heavier than the EVA?

We use solid cork in our grips, as opposed to cork sheets or a plastic grip with a layer of cork on top. We also use highly compressed cork, to emphasize comfort and durability. These reasons account for why the grips are heavier than the EVA or some other cork poles, but we think it’s worth the better user experience and reduced environmental impact.

Can I adjust or remove the straps?
Our straps are adjustable and removable, for folks that like a more streamlined grip.

What is the EZ tip?

Our EZ tips are the self threading housing that your carbide tip and plastic housing screw onto. Its self threading abilities allow you to easily replace your pole tips as they wear out. You can replace your tips with those from most other bands (as long as they have the same diameter) thanks to the EZ tip.

What makes your poles different from other brands?

We take pride in manufacturing our poles in the United States and we value the right to repair. We offer every single part of the pole for sale, so you’ll always be able to find the replacement part you need. Our poles are also taller than most on the market at 158cm/61in, so folks with taller tent setups won't need a jack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Will Whatley
Poles are pretty great. Shipping cost on parts: not great

I bought these poles in early 2021 when they were still CNOC branded. I’ve enjoyed them and used them for a good bit of hiking and backpacking in all kinds of terrain. I originally wanted them to use with a tent that needed an extra tall hiking pole, not wanting to use a pole jack. Even without that requirement (they DO get extra long), I’d consider them again especially now they have the full array of replacement parts available. That said, I went to purchase a lower pole section and a few tiny parts today and the shipping cost was nearly $28 for $29 worth of parts (about $20 shipping for the $28 lower pole section alone). I also have a small business and know pretty well what shipping costs, even cross country. But this seems excessive for such small and lightweight items, so no doubt it includes non trivial handling charges. This cost does make me think twice about the true usability of this repair option, unless you are local and can pick up your parts yourself. That said, the poles are good and the parts prices themselves seem reasonable, so I’m only deducting one star in my estimation of the overall product.

Hi Will,

Thanks for your feedback and glad to hear the poles are working well for you! As for the shipping, we don't add any extra fees and just charge what it costs us. We know international shipping fees are unfortunately extremely expensive, but it sounds like you may be domestic. $20 shipping for one section seems more than our system should be charging for a domestic address unless it's rural or otherwise difficult to reach. Feel free to reach out to contact@dioritegear.com and we can help sort out what's going on. Thanks for your review!

Almost great

I bought these poles so I could get back into hiking. I hike year round and went with the EVA for durability. Unfortunately the EVA is incredibly uncomfortable with and without gloves. Further, a small drop in a rocky area took a chunk out of the foam, rendering that pole useless. Not sure if the cork would have been any better. Can't afford to find out.

The locking sections seem a bit flimsy and I am consistently worried they will come undone. They also don't lock in the length I want well over extended distances, necessitating a pause to realign them.

They are extremely lightweight and so far none of the carbon fiber sections have broke. Other than that I'm not all that pleased with them.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your feedback and we're sorry to hear the EVA isn't working out for you. Grip choice is definitely a personal preference. For the locking of the poles, we'd recommend tightening the gold screw for a tighter close of the FQL's (friction quick locks). This will help keep them in place! Hope this helps and thanks again for you review.

Don't backpack with anything else!

These have been through all types of conditions and have served me well, surviving all the abuse I've thrown at them. I lean on them pretty hard, especially while descending steep terrain and they always feel solid.
I've been using these poles for over two years now (CNOC branded, but the same poles). Prior to that I'd broken multiple poles from other manufacturers. The tips have been replaced and I did swap cork for EVA handles to reduce the weight a bit. It is great to be able to do that. It is also good to know that if I do snap a section, I can order another one and be back in business.
I don't see too many of them on the trail, but I'm assuming that they'll catch on at some point. In the meantime people are missing out. Mine have 2,000+ miles on them whereas I was likely to get 500 or so out of the previous carbon fiber poles that I'd purchased. Highly recommend!

Robert Jenner
Top notch quality from tip to handle

These trekking poles are as good as top-of-the-line poles from Leki and Black Diamond. I was initially unsure about the wrist straps because the company website didn't clearly show how they operated. But a quick email response from Diorite assured me they would be a safe buy. Sure enough, rock solid wrist straps that are simple to adjust. I've taken the poles on two very rough off-trail hikes. The last one destroyed both mud baskets but the poles themselves performed flawlessly. I've since ordered 4 more mud baskets.

High quality light poles

I purchased a pair of the EVA poles and waited to review them until I had used them in a long hike. I've just finished a seven week, 1200 km thru-hike of South Australia's Heysen Trail and I've simply loved these poles! The Heysen does not have developed trails for much of its length and I found the poles to be a real winner, particulary in difficult footing like rocky dry creek / gorge settings. Sturdy, light weight, high quality components with replaceable parts makes these poles a real winner! Highly recommended.

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