From the workshop

EVA vs Cork - Which One is Right For You?
A pretty common question we get over here in Diorite Gear land is “Hey, what’s the difference between cork and EVA? Which one should I get?” and our answer is: 1. There’s a couple and 2. It really depends. Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate...
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About Our Panelists
We had a wonderful time launching Diorite Gear last week, in no small part due to the wonderful panelists that joined us for our gear panel! Read on to learn more about theses amazing outdoor adventurers and for the video...
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Why Diorite Gear?
As part of our Diorite Gear launch party, co- founder Mika gave a speech introducing Diorite, as well as the goals and values we want Diorite to have and embody. Her speech is here in its entirety for folks that would...
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