What Products Are Headed to Diorite?

What Products Are Headed to Diorite?

With Diorite Gear officially launched and our first batch of Diorite Gear trekking poles nearly available, it’s time to start talking about what comes next. The trekking poles will always be at the heart of Diorite Gear, but they won’t be the only product offering - Diorite Gear will, over time, host all of the carbon fiber products that used to be sold under Cnoc Outdoors. As we start transitioning those products to the Diorite Gear store, we want an all-in-one-place breakdown of what products you can expect Diorite Gear to sell when all is said and done.

Trekking Poles: Pairs of cork and EVA trekking poles are available for pre-sale on the site right now. We’ll soon have single poles in both grips available as well.

Replacement Sections: The biggest question we’ve been asked since launching Diorite Gear is if we’ll still offer replaceable parts for Cnoc poles. The answer is an emphatic yes - the right to repair is incredibly important to us and the ability to replace a single broken part instead of the whole pole is one of the aspects of our pole design we think is the most valuable. The Diorite poles will remain backwards compatible with the Cnoc poles, and replacement sections purchased from Diorite Gear will work with Cnoc poles. But all replacement part sales will move over to Diorite Gear soon, with the product listings remaining on the Cnoc site just to direct folks to the right place if they missed the memo. 

Pole accessories: The pole accessories, like tips and baskets, will transition to Diorite. We’re also planning to expand the options to include replacement levers, screws, bands, grips, straps and any other component - these were always available for folks that reached out to us, but we’re putting them on the site for folks that would prefer to cut out the middle man. 

Tent Poles: Our tent poles are also in the process of becoming a Diorite Gear offering. These poles are specifically designed with bikepackers in mind, so they can use their trekking pole tents with poles that fold up to fit in between bike handlebars. 

Tent Stakes: The carbon fiber tent stakes were a bit of a happy accident - originally designed to be a promotional product, they were ready far too late to be used for their original intention. Nonetheless, folks were interested in buying them on their own and they will make their way to the Diorite Gear umbrella as well.

UL Staff: Meant for folks that don’t need or want to use poles in the traditional sense, but still want a pole on hand for shelter set up, river crossings, etc, the UL staff is expected to transition to Diorite Gear in the fall.

Refurbished and blemished poles: Our refurbished and blemished page is important to us, as it allows us to minimize our manufacturing carbon footprint, and offer a lower cost alternative to folks that need it. With the manufacturing process underway, printing mistakes and pole refurbishments will follow - those items will be up on the Diorite site for a discounted rate as soon as they exist.

Please email contact@dioritegear.com for any questions about Diorite Gear's product offerings. Subscribe to our newsletter to be alerted when products become avaliable under Diorite Gear.


  • Becky @ Diorite

    Hey Julie! Our trekking poles can absolutely be used with with any tents that are designed to be set up with trekking poles!


    Do all your trekking poles double as tent poles? I hope so!

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