About Our Panelists

About Our Panelists

We had a wonderful time launching Diorite Gear last week, in no small part due to the wonderful panelists that joined us for our gear panel! Read on to learn more about theses amazing outdoor adventurers and for the video link to our brand intro and gear panel.

Theresa Silveyra is the assistant mountaineering director and an instructor at Climbers of Color,  a member of Portland Mountain Rescue, and an AMGA apprentice alpine guide. She is also the founder of the Color the Cascades scholarship, an annual scholarship that provides women and genderqueer people of color living in Oregon and Washington with some of the necessary gear needed to pursue mountaineering. Her favorite outdoor activities blend mountaineering and trail running, which is likely the motivation behind her favorite adventure, a single day summit and circumnavigation of Mt Hood. Everyone give a warm welcome to Theresa Silveyra

Kathleen Neves is also known as The Hungry Hiker on Youtube. She’s a thru-hiker, solo long distance backpacker, and backpacking coach. She is the creator of The Confident Solo Female Backpacker System, a comprehensive, self-paced, online backpacking program for women designed to help solo women identifying hikers get more comfortable heading out on trails by themselves. 

Naomi Hudetz is the co-founder of the outdoor gear review publication Treeline Review, former board member of ALDHA-West, and prolific thru-hiker. She has thru-hiked the triple crown of America’s long distance hiking trails - the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail - as well as a significant chunk of the rest of America’s trails, including those in our home state. She’s one of the very few folks to have thru-hiked the Oregon Desert trail and she completed the first known thru-hike of the Blue Mountains Trail.

Thanks again to our panelists and all the folks that came out to support us as we introduced Diorite Gear to the world!

Watch the full panel in action:

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